Historical Miniature Gaming Club

The Historical Miniature Gaming Club has events throughout the year. Past events have been funded through grants received from the Historical Miniature Gaming Society. Programs are often made possible through the library's partnership with Jared Fishman, the co-founder and director of HMGS Next Gen Inc,  a non-profit organization devoted to fostering and growing game clubs and game-based learning.

Historical Miniature Wargaming Club
Meets the third Tuesday of the month April through August.
5:30 - 7:30 PM
For ages 10-18
Registration requested on online calendar. Walk-ins welcome.
Contact Carolyn at cthorenz@rcls.org for more information.

Play Risk Europe, Avalon Hill's Axis and Allies, Renegade's Raiders of the Lost Sea and other strategy board games. Design, build and paint trenches and scenery. Snacks provided.


Historical Miniature Gaming Days
Saturday, May 6
10 - 3 PM
Registration required here.

This month play the Battle of Towton, which occurred during the War of the Roses, a Viking battle set during the Dark Ages, and the Battle of Belleau Wood from the First World War. Each player will get the chance to play 2 out of the 3 offered games, with a break in the middle for lunch.  Rules will be taught, and there will be many familiar Next Gen facilitators running each game.

Gamers will play strategy based, miniatures games on three dimensional boards with painted figures, terrain, and features reminiscent of some famous conflicts in history. Games will be facilitated by experts from HMGS Next Gen, Inc https://www.nextgengaming.org who understand the best ways to create scenarios that will be both challenging and rewarding for the players.

Miniatures games are played using dice, tape measures, cards, and other implements, in which teams of players will battle it out to meet the conditions of the scenario. In the case of miniatures, games are played on fully terrain-ed boards, with playing pieces as small as 6mm and as large as 54mm.


Historical Miniature Gaming Club Resource Guide

www.vassalengine.org - A gaming engine run by volunteers for building and playing online adaptions of board and card games.

www.juniorgeneral.org - has a templates to print out soldiers from a variety of eras along with accessories. It also includes rules for different battles.

http://peterspaperboys.com - a nice selection of of hand-drawn soldiers to cut out and battle with. There's a free download of a jousting match if you feel like trying something different.