Board Meetings & Financials


Gardiner Library Board of Trustees

An appointed five to eleven member Board of Trustees will conduct and manage the business and affairs of the Gardiner Library. Members will be appointed to three-year terms by the Town Board of Gardiner by the recommendations of the Library Board of Trustees. Find the by-laws here.

The Library Board meets the third Thursday at 5 PM. Everyone is welcome. Contact Nicole at for more information. Click here for Board meeting minutes and agendas.

Click here for our 2022 annual report to the town.



Income 2024*
Charges and Fines $500
Other $36,842
Local Library Service Aid $1,400
Program Income $7,000
Fundraisers $35,500
Other Donations $16,000
School Taxes $13,000
Gardiner Town Taxes $294,331
Total Income $404,573

*Grants vary year to year with finance specific requests, consequently they are not factored into the annual budget.



Expenses 2024
Accounting/Legal $13,900
Other $6,400
Fundraising Fees $4,350
Advertising $1,500
Automation $18,700
Programming $11,500
Equipment $4,000
Garden Maintenance $3,000
Books $9,900
Digital Collections $9,000
Recordings (Audiobooks) $800
DVDs $800
Office Supplies $4,000
Telephone $2,500 
Alarm Monitoring $1,700

Internet $1,600
Cleaning and Trash Removal $7,150
RCLS Service Fee $7,800
Library Service Contracts $1,800
Building Repairs $4,500
Insurance $6,300
Utilities $22,000
Mortgage $64,620
Employee $196,753   
Total Expenses $404,573


Annual Reports