Gardiner Ink! Teen Literary Magazine

Gardiner Library is proud to present our YA Literary Magazine, Gardiner Ink!  A group of creative young adults who love to write meet throughout the year to bring an annual issue to their community.
Gardiner Ink! can be read online here or printed copies can be checked out from the library. Copies can be purchased for $5 each.
Anyone interested in joining our creative writing group or contributing to Gardiner Ink! can contact Carolyn at

Gardiner Ink! YA Creative Writing and Visual Art Meet Up
Meets 4th Sunday of the month @ 2:00 PM

Register on the calendar.
Contact Carolyn at for more information.

Showcase your creative writing and artwork in our yearly publication.  Prompts, tips and writing and art share during monthly meetings. This year's Gardiner Ink! will feature entries from a 250-word flash fiction contest*. Artists will have the opportunity to design work that enhances the literature as well as create independent pieces. Entries will be accepted through April 24 and will be featured in the 2022 issue of Gardiner Library's YA literary magazine Gardiner Ink!
Help Wanted for our new Gardiner Ink! Art Department. Be part of the design and editing process.
Currently accepting submissions of original poetry, fiction, and art. Original works of visual art can include paintings, drawings, and photography.

*Flash Fiction Writing Contest (teens to adults)
Can you write a story that takes about a minute to get through? Put your writing and editing chops to the test. Stories should contain a protagonist, conflict, obstacles and complications with a resolution all within no more the 250 words.

1. Use one inch margins all around. Indent each paragraph 3 to 5 spaces.
2. All entries must be printed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type and double-spaced as a Word Document.
3. The title of the work and a page number should appear on every printed page.
4. Entries must be in good taste, using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling.
5. Illustrations or pictures can accompany a manuscript.
6. Italics or alternate fonts can be used when stating characters thoughts.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the teen (13-19) and adult (20 and up) categories. Manuscripts will be blind-judged. Accepted materials will be published in the 2022 issue of Gardiner Ink!