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January Exhibit
Focus and Light
Mohonk Preserve Volunteer Photographers
January 3rd through the 30th

Mohonk Preserve provides inspiration for the Mohonk Preserve Volunteer Photographers who are dedicated to capturing the essence of the Preserve. The volunteers photograph the landscape in every season, the diverse wildlife, and the events and programs offered at Mohonk Preserve throughout the year.

The exhibit "Focus and Light" illustrates the type of images of which
they are forever in pursuit.

An art reception will be held on Saturday, January 5th from 2-4 PM.

Art Exhibits
The primary purpose of the Gardiner Library Policy on Art Exhibits is to enrich the library experience of the Gardiner Library Patrons, particularly:
  • To enhance and increase community appreciation of the arts,
  • To present a variety of exhibitions by artists in the visual arts as well as exhibitions of educational and/or historical significance, and
  • To help local artists increase their public exposure.

Art Exhibit Policy and Application
Display Case Exhibits

It is the policy of the Library, as part of its mission to enrich the quality of life, to provide space for exhibits and displays from the Library's collection and through those of other local community agencies or individuals.

Display Case Policy and Application