Sustainable Libraries Initiative Certification

The Gardiner Library has begun the process of getting its' SLI Certification which requires completing required and recommended "action items" in 11 areas of sustainability. If you would like to get involved please contact Nicole at

The information below was copied from the website:

The Sustainable Libraries Initiative’s Sustainable Libraries Certification Program (SLCP) provides library leaders with a tested, structured path forward to increase your library’s commitment to environmental stewardship, economic feasibility, and social equity.

The SLI is a project created by members of the New York Library Association in response to the New York Library Association and American Library Association each passing Resolutions on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries. These governance resolutions acknowledge the important role libraries can play in larger community conversations about resiliency, climate change, and a sustainable future. Both associations enthusiastically encourage activities by their members – and themselves – to be proactive in their application of sustainable thinking in the areas of their facilities, operations, policy, technology, programming, and partnerships.

The Initiative is designed to provide the tools and resources library leaders need to incorporate sustainability as a core value in their work, just as the American Library Association has adopted sustainability as a core value of the profession.

Sustainability is much more than green design applied through strategies such as the use of solar panels and LED lights. It’s the capacity to thrive. Both ALA and NYLA have adopted the Triple Bottom Line definition of sustainability. This consists of practices that are environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable. Libraries play an important and unique role in promoting community awareness about resilience, climate change, and a sustainable future.