Gardiner Library's Pollinator Garden

The Gardiner Library and volunteers from the Wallkill Valley Land Trust have teamed up to create a pollinator garden behind the library. The garden will provide food and habitat for wildlife along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail wildlife corridor and will be part of the Wallkill Valley Pollinator Pathway. The garden will be a stepping stone for pollinators using the rail trail as their pathway and part of a larger effort to encourage more pollinator plantings along the rail trail.

Step one of the project was completed earlier in November when black plastic was laid to smother 500 square feet of lawn for the new garden. In the Spring of 2022 the plastic will be removed and seedlings or “plugs” will be planted into the dead turf. The garden will require weeding and watering the first year, but by the following year the plants will be established and will require little maintenance.

If you would like to get invloved or learn more contact Nicole at

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